Garage Floor Smooth over and Paint

Our floor in garage is the old type of cement, very stony and have worn/broken away in certain areas. This has lead to a gritty/dusty/loose floor and some holes.

Whats the best/cheapest way to smooth it over? Do i hoover the dust and small bits up? then fill holes with new cement and then repaint?

Cheap as chips please. :smiley:

buy some chips and scatter liberally :w00t:

get rid of all dust and loose debris and if you only want to do small areas you can get self levelling concrete

Basicly yes, but proper floor paint can take a while to dry and even longer when its cold you may wanna wait till it warms up a bit!

You can away’s do what the rich people do (Shiver) and carpet the garage

oh and you will need to seal the floor once its clean and free from dust and before you paint it with some sort of floor sealer, You can make your own from PVA glue you can buy tubs of it in B&Q mixing it with water and brushing it on, as you would do with brick work or plaster, I dont see any reason why it wouldnt work on a garage floor and would be cheaper than proper floor sealer…

Brian you sure that aint something enspired by Joseph frittzel??

Not quite the same but I I had to level the hearth of my fireplace and used Ardex K15 floor levelling compound with Ardex P51 primer.

pmsl, there’s a trap-door under the carpet :hehe:

If you’ve got the tools you can DIY it for £56.00
Alternatively substitute a 25Kg bag of compound for a bag of sharp sand and you’re looking at £42.00
If you need to buy the tools it’ll cost you another £15.00

2 x 25 Kg bags of latex self levelling compound @ £18.00 a bag LINKY HERE
1 x 2½ litre concrete floor paint @ £20.00 LINKY HERE
1 x 40 litre tub for mixing @ £6.00 LINKY HERE
1 x trowel for spreading @ £7.00 LINKY HERE
1 x 9" roller set for painting @ £3.00 LINKY HERE

You don’t have to get it Wickes, B&Q will be about the same on price and quality

Edit: If the holes are big you’re best to fill them first, ready mix concrete post fix or 5:1 mortar mix should sort it.

Brian has a got a touch of the Germanic about him:D

Fill the holes with exterior filler or ready mix cement (smooth over with a piece of wood)

Sweep away dust

Seal with PVA/water mix - then apply acrylic eggshell - use a long pile roller

  • OR -

Use Supermatt paint straight onto the floor… It’s designed for use on highly porous surfaces. Cheaper but not as durable…

pm me if you don’t fancy doing it yourself… :smiley:

They were both the ideas I was thinking of. Ill keep you in mind :wink:

I have some industrial cord carpet you can have:) might help you out in the short term till the weather warms and you can paint it:)

Forget using latex self levelling stuff. It’s hopeless as a wearing surface and any rising damp in the slab will mean it will probably come up like thin crazy paving after a short while.

You might get away with pva priming the slab and then trowelling on a thin screed of sharp sand mortar with more pva in the mix. You might not.

If you want the proper job, Cementone Cempolay Ultra. Don’t come cheap, but at least you only do the job once and you don’t need to paint it. Well, unless you want pretty.

Brush it clean. Fill the holes with plastering sand, pva and cement mix, keep the mix quite dry but apply to a clean, wetted surface.

Levelling compound over the whole area.

Couple of coats of decent floor paint.

Maybe not be the cheapest, but if its worth doing at all, its worth doing right…

Cheaper way to stop it getting worse (but not repair it) is to ‘Cementone’ the area.

Get the correct epoxy floor paint and you may not need to prime it first.

There were some cool garage tiles in Super Bike a while ago. They snap together and cover the floor.

Thread resurrection…

So looking at sorting out my garage floor and torn between using something like the cementone or wether to just coat it with a hard wearing epoxy paint like this, they do a cold surface variant. The floor is level.

If it’s suitable for a HGV workshop sure it’s fine for a single garage

@Jay what did you use on your workshop floor.

Only thing of concern is my garage looks like it may have a bit of damp on the wall near the floor (was raining and garage door had been open hence the damp at the entrance) and has an ?oil spill on floor which needs addressing first

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Plan is to then also paint the walls with white gloss masonry paint to help brighten it up

I used this:
Showroom Epoxy Resin Floor Paint | Resincoat

Like decorating the house, it’s all down to prep, the better you prep the floor before applying this stuff, the better the result will be. i.e. resolve all damp issues, level it, screed it flat if necessary and then apply liberally. You’ll want to make sure you can completely seal the room up as well so nothing wafts in with the wind and ruins the finish.