Garage Burgled

All bikes stolen from the Hackney area of East London. Along with a red Honda CRF 250 Dakar trial bike. Reg RK19 BLN
Black 2010 CBR 1000 Honda Fireblade reg MT10 YAA
Redbull CBR 1000sp Honda Fireblade 2017 reg M6 LNB
If spotted or offered for sale please call the police immediately.

FFS! nothing for months and then 2 within a couple of days.

@grimmreapa51 gutted for you mate, I’ll keep an eye out this way but really do hope you get them back.

Hope this is not the start of the trend again…

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It comes with spring, thieves also seem to not like riding in the rain.

True, probably don’t want to ruin their football boots.

That’s rotten news. Sounds like they’d been planning that for a while. Doesn’t seem like opportunists.

Gutted to read this.

You’d be surprised at how frequently it’s happening. I was!!

Definitely wasnt opportunists. All they left was the dust. Helmets, gloves, jackets, a generator, mobile charging unit ramps, lifting gear, cables, covers. The lot.

Really sorry to hear this. Gutted for you.

I’m sick of this.

Ah man this sucks!

Oh mate, I’m so sorry for you. That’s awful, they were such nice bikes. Hope you hear something back :frowning:

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Sorry to hear this.