GAP insurance for my bike, is it worth it?

I finally did it. I pulled a trigger for a second hand, gorgeous R6 2019. Loving every piece of it (I should probably write a post about it :thinking:)

At the time of purchasing it the salesman from the dealership offered me a GAP insurance that in case of bike being stolen would match the value of the bike at time of purchase on top of what my insurance will offer me as part of my comprehensive policy.

What do you think about GAP insurance? Any experience with it?

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I never used it! but then again never bought a nearly new bike :stuck_out_tongue:

ps once again it looks lovely :wink:


The only people I know who have purchased GAP insurance did so because they bought the bike on finance, so in the event of any issues with a claim they you wouldn’t be out of pocket.

Some got information here:

Was it expensive? It’s something else a sales person makes commission on which is why they try to sell it to you. One chap on here a long time ago known as Major has his 600RR stolen. It was a few years old and with gap insurance he just got a new one so it worked out well for him.

I didn’t bother when I bought my bike as I didn’t want to spend even more money. That and I kind of hoped it wouldn’t get stolen. Not a strategy but I was trying to be optimistic. Thieving wasn’t as rife back then (2010) so it worked out ok for me.

Congratulations on the new bike @iamfabio!

I bought gap insurance once when buying an expensive new bike (a BMW). As someone who has had bikes stolen before I could be sold on it again (possibly if the sales person was good enough :))

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I bought it when i bought my SV on finance (for 3k), didnt have to make a claim.

if its on finance, then defiantly. just to avoid carrying on paying for a bike you no longer have.
otherwise i would still on a bike of that value, so you know you can replace it for a new one if something happens.

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Thanks @Jay! Loving every part of it and this weather is making everything even better. Just need to feel more confident on the road to finally explore the country.

I think I’m going to accept the GAP offered by the dealership the bike. It is not cheap (£286 for 3 years) but it does give me a piece of mind when leaving the bike outside (although I’m not planning to use it much within London where bike theft is :chart_with_upwards_trend:).

Thanks everybody for your input!


This should be a no brainer because Gap insurance only covers the difference in the price paid and what the insurance company value the vehicle at and pay out should it become a total loss, the depreciation.

With a first owner new straight out off the forecourt vehicle that difference will be significant because of the big hit in depreciation as soon as the vehicle is handed over and should it become a total loss it will be valued as a one previous owner used hand vehicle.

With a used vehicle that initial big hit on depreciation does not exist. Assuming you are not paying over the odds for the vehicle a like for like replacement will be valued close to the price paid since the only depreciation will be in the mileage you put on the clock and the fact it has another owner (one previous owner becomes two previous owners etc).

EDIT: The exception being if your buying with a loan, assuming and check that the Gap Insurance covers theft, depreciation and the outstanding loan repayments.