Games for Mobile FREE

Morning all… so if any of you guys are stuck at work and it is a quiet day and facy playing on your phone I found a great website where you can get **** loads of games, softwares, themes and other bits for your mobile… and yes it is FREE !!! But only 30 downloads per day, that should keep you plenty busy:):slight_smile:

Register here, it will tell you that to download the games, software, whatever you need to go to a WAP site from your phone. Well don’t bother, simply use your web browser and go to:

Log in with you registered account and use the game ID, whatever the ID is, download the file and upload it to your phone. If you don’t have a cable or a memory card reader for your phone try the WAP way, for me it is easier to use the cable.

Found quiet a few cool games, some of the Brain Trainer ones are nice, they also have some naughty games:):slight_smile:

this is all i do when i go on training courses, play on my N96 :smiley:

thankyou for the link mate, can never have enough games to occupy you :cool: