Gaffer Tape

If it can’t be fixed by Gaffer tape or WD40, it’s a female issue:)

Ask ginge about gaffer tape, his last bike was kept together by it.


Shouldn’t that be: gaffer tape, WD40 or a hammer ? :wink:

God bless gaffer tape - a couple of drops on the bike (no surprise to those that know me) the front and back right indicators are both now held on with black gaffer tape lol!

Good job i have a black bike huh??!:w00t:

I have a photo somewhere of a year old fireblade that was literally held together by Gaffer Tape. The guy used ro race an NC30 which wasn’t much better either:D

If you read these boards … Get in touch Twiz:cool:

Whatever happened to Plastic Welding?? :smiley: