Furry Animals

The Stoat - Brave, Cunning and Proud. . .

Jack russels awwwww,Big fluffy bunnys and ferrets(weird combination i know!)

Awwwwwww love the baby ferret!!!:slight_smile:

This is just a sick attempt to revive that old game of yours isn’t it ?
After people have donated pictures of lovable cuddly little fury creatures you’re gonna throw em in a big hole,jump in an kill em one by one .
You’re despicable you really are .


Good call Zeph.

I still worry about this one.

No need to worry, its not the pit game again - that is confined to the depths of history. This is just cute & furry animals

I like a nice small pussy.:wink:


Now that i like! when i was a kid always wanted an octopus and a jellyfish in a tank:D

When we were children, my brother threw a huge rock on to a jellyfish on a beach in Scotland. It exploded and goo went everywhere.

Sounds like it went off prematurely. . .:hehe:

'er indoors: