funny :)

One of my bosses at work say to me.
If you have been offended and you do not deserve to go back and earn the


huh? what? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m lost :blink:

why do you lost? :hehe:

Pretty sure she is too

“you do not deserve to go back & earn…” what ?

Evelina, vy napisali: Yesli vas obideli, i vy ne zasluzhivayete, chtoby vernut’sya i zarabotat. ne imeyet smysla…

Thanks Szymon.

lol szymon, that’s what she said! :blink:

What’s happening in here? :blink:

yes… its the same, this place is getting increasingly weird :laugh:

I just told her what she wrote, and that it reads funny :wink:

If someone hurt you
And you did not deserve it
Go back and deserve that…
do you know now what I mean ?

Is she:

a) a lovely young lady, with English as a 2nd language , to whom we should show a little more tolerance

b) Moto King up to mischief

c) Some sort of spammer who will be PM’ing you an 0898 number very soon.

I’m going with option ‘a’ until proven otherwise.

I agree with you Ally.

I keep hearing to twilight music
Oh not the vampire one

why is this funny???

why is what funny? I’m still lost :hehe::hehe: