Funny water

I’m drinking a 2L bottle of highland sping at the moment. apparently it has 158mg of “dry residue” at 180 degrees? i keep turning the bottle upside down but it’s still just water. any clues as to where i’m going wrong?:doze:

I think they mean fahrenheit, not rotation :wink:

Then again, maybe ‘Highland Sping’ is different from that other well-known brand…

Or maybe your post is lost in the forum translator, given that it doesn’t understand why a post about water is in the ‘bike talk’ section?

Or perhaps you are a little dizzy after finding you can now filter?!

Who knows… :hehe:

Look closer, its a measurment of the particulate sheep sh!t that has been added at source.

What’s wrong with good old tap water, you posh get ?

Bottled water has no taste or texture like the stuff wot comes from our taps in the sunny south.

If he can filter he can get rid of his residue :stuck_out_tongue:



What that means is if that volume of water is heated to 180C then the residue of dissolved material would be 158mg (probably quoted per litre of water). Heating it to a higher temperature would result in a decomposition of the minerals contained within the water. eg

CaCO3 + heat = CaO + CO2

therefore the loss in Carbon Dioxide would result in a lower mass of remaining solids.

but surely thats never going to be an indicator of what’s going to happen to your body when you drink it, as, i presume, its supposed to be, given that our bodies arent capable of heating anything to that level (hence I changed my initial response from celcius to fahrenheit, on the logic that it couldnt be a test using deg C).

so how does it help!? another enforced useless comparison indicator of how un/healthy one product is compared with another?!

It’s not funny water at all is it ! This thread is a fraud !


All this talk of water and nobody has put the kettle on:P

someone give kevsta a slap ffs :stuck_out_tongue:

or send him to maccy d’s to get a job !! as he is now one of the great unwashed and got far too much time on his hands :slight_smile:

you been on the hard stuff again? :P:hehe:

It’s not meet to be a measurement once inside the body. It is a method of indicating the mineral content of the water. All the water companies have to use the same standards: Water evaporated at 180C, and the residue (or dissolved solids) is then measured.

Like to see you try! :cool:

yeah i kinda got that - my point was more that the kind of minerals that are in evidence at 180 may be different from the kind of minerals in evidence at body temperature!?

Bovvered :blink:

somebody pinch me please…:doze:

Can you explain why they put a sell by date on bottled water?

It’s been sitting there in an underground spring since the dinasaurs were roaming and yet it’s got to be drunk before the end of July:D:D:D:D

Did you rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise?

anti clockwise. does it make a difference? must have been where i was going wrong:P