Funky Helmets

ohherr… I’m hunting around for a new helmet and whilst I’m not normally anything but an Arai man, the new Suomy designs have me seriously enticed. Whilst researching, I came across the following and thought they were so nice or whacky, I’d share them! Unfortunately though, it seems that most of them aren’t destinated for the UK, which is a big shame!

A little more on the following sites:

Wow…funky is right. LOL

That Batman lid is pure BLING!

It’s all bling a ding ding

not my taste…a little bit too showy…

Hang on a mo, just get my sun glasses… bling bling indeed

Yep, crazy lids! … not sure I’d want to wear them though.

Damn I like a few of them but id go for the Repol or Rizal helmet if there is one.

The Repsol one is my favourite, shame I haven’t got a Honda I’m digging the dark Flowers one personally, would fit in with my leathers nicely, and it’s not the mega-expensive model either.

Get yourself to Andorra. save yourself a packet on the price, and most of the styles will be available.

The dosh you save on the lid can pay for the trip. A great biking holiday, and a new lid all in one. Magic.

Mate stick with your Arai!

You have floral leathers?


floral leathers indeed.

Floral leathers! No, just expressing my feminine side, Paivi It’s not all about speed and noise you know, there is a soft side there, somewhere, perhaps…

Soft side? Who wants a man with a soft side?! A hard man is good to find and all that…

I am getting a bit worried about the site Admin, though. We’ve got Jay in floral leathers and Cezar racing around in PVC catsuits. And then there’s Andrew.