Fuell : An Electric Buell


Erik Buell announced this week that he’s founded an EV startup called Fuell that will make all-electric motorcycles and bicycles

Buell has partnered with Sauber team principle and owner of Formula E chassis-builder Spark Racing Technology Frédéric Vasseur, as well as entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Terny, to launch the electric bike company.

Flow, the company’s electric motorcycle. It also comes in two versions — a tame two-wheeler with an 11kW motor, and a more powerful variant with a 35kW motor. The Flow motorcycle looks like a beefed-up version of Gogoro’s electric scooters, with black and gray panels accented by bright greenish-blue accents. It also ditches the typical chain or belt setup in favor of an in-wheel motor, which gives the motorcycle an even more futuristic look.

Fuell says the Flow motorcycle will hit the road in 2021 for around $11,000, though it shared other specs. That’s roughly in line with the pricing of, say, many of Zero Motorcycles’ bikes, and a third of what Harley-Davidson will charge for its own EV two-wheeler, though we’ll have to wait a few years to see how the Flow truly matches up.

(from the Verge)


cant believe he named it Fuell!


It’s a not a good name to convince people electric is better.


I’ve heard it said that Eric is a great designer trying to be a businessman and that’s why his projects fail.
I hope the investors for this one keep him in control, I really like the motor in wheel idea.