Fuel Protests 'Will Cause Delays'

Motorists are being warned to expect major delays when lorry drivers pour into London to demonstrate against soaring fuel costs.

Hundreds of hauliers are expected to take part in the convoy, led by drivers from Kent, which will converge at Marble Arch on Tuesday.

Part of the London-bound A40 will be closed from 1000 to 1500 BST so protestors can park their lorries.


Thanks for the heads up. I could have well been caught up with that tomorrow as I have to go from the City to Park Royal :w00t:

would be nice if we got support from car drivers as well, but as per usual in this country they sit around moaning about stuff but dont participate, whinge over wave if ya see me big black truck :slight_smile:

It’s only the east bound side of the A40 that will be closed, traffic will still be able to get out of London on the west bound side.

its actually closed from 10am to 4pm today not till 3pm as stated by gazza

and steve i back up the truck drivers

soon our fuel for bike will reach a whopping 1.30 per litre i reckon

yeah, I wish I culd join em but unfortunately Ill be helping with the road closures n redirections n being sworn at by mr n mrs suit going " why is the rad closed, I HAVE to go down their its my shortcut to the bagel/coffee/partner/biton the side/essential life changing meeting!" Who are you too tell me I cant go down ur not even a proper police man etc…! Can I retaliate? No. Do I get paid to take their abuse? Yes. Do I get to enjoy their frustration when unable to go down said road? Hell yes! :cool:

After the fuel protest by lorry drivers, someone asked me if i wanna join them on this one…I said no cos its a bit far.:)<A class=l href=“http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1052029_bikers_plan_city_fuel_protest_” onmousedown=“return clk(this.href,’’,’’,‘res’,‘1’,’’)”>Bikers plan city fuel protest - News - Manchester Evening NewsI like the last comment! Errr… forget that… it keeps changing…DOHHH!!