Fuchs Off!

anyone used it? seems like Silkoline have copied Muc Off but is it any good? I just noticed they are offering BOGOF @ www.busters-accessories.co.uk/ my bike is filthy

Aren’t they all the same just they’ve all used different dyes?

Ride have tested them and I think Hippo and Auto Glym came out top of the lot last year???

I was going to see what was on offer at the NEC - love a bargain me…

bought a generic degreaser and a generic motorcycle clear lube from a motor factors recently, no dripage, fling or dirt on the relubed chain. Can’t help thinking a lot of this is paying for a brand name.

I use it, its quite good, but then so are most of them now. my main reason is it makes me smile to ask for it in the shop, as i always forget to add the ‘s’ at the end

mucc off is very good we have costumer coming in alot for it.

I took advantage of the busters offer and although the stuff works, i’m sure muc-off works better. However… at Busters price you can afford to use more lol