FS Honda CBF500 2006 - Commuter Hack

Up for sale, is my wife’s Honda CBF500. Potentially a good little commuter hack or cheap first bike for someone.

2006 model, ~64k on clock, little bit tatty, got a few scuffs, scratches, been well used, but has been maintained well with no shortcuts. It’s lowered with a mod to rear shock and genuine Honda lower seat (original seat included in sale), ideal for short riders - my wife is 5’1" and handles it fine.
To revert the lowering, you’d need to replace the end link on the shock for stock one, slides the forks down in the yokes and possibly swap on a stock side stand.

Photo above is from a few months ago, will add some more update ones once it stops raining and we can clean it!

The good:
Got Certificate of Conformity and exemption from ULEZ sorted out with TFL - so no problem riding into central London.
MOT’d until May 2021.
Runs wells, been used regularly.
Has Givi rack, heated grips, Puig screen, Motad Venon can and stainless link pipe, rear hugger, fender extender and a rather nice Oxford analogue timepiece.
Hel braided brake lines front and back.
Key maintenance stuff has all recently been taken care of:
New rear pads in July 2020 (front are still fine)
Forks serviced (new seals) in May 2020
New genuine water pump fitted May 2020 (old one sprung a leak)
New battery Mar 2020
Starter motor serviced with new brushes Sept 2019
Michelin Road 5 tyres fitted Sept 2019 (plenty left in them)
New chain/sprocket June 2019 (@58k)
Rear shock was serviced and regassed when we lowered it in 2015 (@44k)

FWIW you’ll notice the couple of advisories on prior MOT’s have all been fixed promptly. Even the apparently deteriorating reg plate!

The bad:
Some minor cosmetic issues from a couple of stationary topple overs…
The tank has a couple of scratches on it and a tiny ding on side.
Engine and peg hanger paint looks bit tatty.
The exhaust got some scuffs on it.
Downpipes look a bit rough, but there’s no holes or blowing.

Overall, it’s good to ride away, perfect cheap hack for London commuting, with nothing pressing that needs to be fixed or sorting out.

Price: looking for about £1200.
Bike will be SORN and off road next week, so would prefer a fairly prompt sale.
I’m based in Dagenham, East London.


Love these. Remind me of simpler times and a simpler me that would run out of fuel and get lost all the time on ride outs.


new project??


Commuting? I vaguely remember that…

Ah yes, chop all the mud guards and sticky out bits off, put knobbles on, wrap up the pipes and add a bit of brown leather, then flog it to a hipster for £3k… yeah might work…


Remember, when you do sell it, make sure you take your socks off! so they know you’re one of them…

Serious question: do you think the bike would be easier to flog if the lowering was reverted back to stock? Or being lowered is something that’s potentially a useful selling point? Or just a minor point a buyer would sort out or not as they desired?

I think it opens it up to a bigger market for you to sell to. When I was contemplating buying a hack to paly with, bikes that had been lowered would be quickly discounted.

Personally if I’m buying something I just want to jump on it and ride, not have to deal with puttibg it back to stock.

if you have both, and are happy to change it id list it as both.

offer to return to stock height if the buyer pays asking price, or similar

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+1 If you have both include the original dog bone (link arm) as part of the sale as well as offering to fit it if required. The downside here is the side stand will be too short and that’s not a cheap fix.

No dog bones on the CBF, shock bolts direct to swing arm, so the lowering mod swaps the end of the shock. I can pick up a second-hand shock for £60 on eBay to acquire the stock end of the shock. It’d be a minor faff compressing the spring to swap the end over. A second-hand side stand is £30 on eBay.

I still think the cafe racer sale to a hipster is a better idea :wink:

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