not wanting to rock the LB boat but I’ve tried 3 times to post a job I know of but don’t get an approval on it Smiled has looked into it but no joy so… I’m gonna post here!

Its a London based recovery operator who need a biker to work a rapid response bike attending breakdowns if you’ve seen a similar job advertised on LB - it’s not the same company! if ya interested, PM me Mods, can you paste in the correct area pls?

there is a jobs section, just stick it in there, no need to wait for approval…

Tried mate, when posting in jobs its a moderated forum. Says I’ll be contacted but never have. Still heard nowt.

Just tryin to get details of a job out there but it seems very difficult!!!

Now this is at the top again, few more people will read it & maybe help someone.


I’d suggest you put a post up in general, but with a different title. A post entitled “frustratin” isn’t necessarily going to get people clicking on it that are looking for jobs! :slight_smile: