FRustrated with tyres

Hay guys,

Just bought a brand new R6 from my friendly dealer and love it. I have now had it first serviced and its got 890 miles on the clock and the rear tyre is shagged, its worn so fast Im struggling to believe I have been so brutal to it but the fact is it needs replacing as well as the front one.

I have spoke to Yam who say they have never heard of such a quick wearing tyre and my dealer said its strange for them to wear so quick. I have been riding for 10 years on the road and can get over 3000 miles out of a tyre usually so im not some ham fisted tw** wrecking tyres.

The tyre’s are Dunlop Qualifyier’s and the bike is an 09 R6, anyone else had similar tyre life from these?

shame they didnt last long, cant say i have heard of a tyre going in less then a 1000 miles, unless on a torque beast of a bike.

would really recommend the road pilot 2s however, they have done a couple of track days and still have a good 3/4k left in them

(disclamer - i didnt do the track days, its keti’s bike!)

I once had a Bridgestone something or other go down to the legal wear limit on a 19hp 250 scooter in 1000 miles.

You haven’t put real qualifiers on by mistake have you? :slight_smile:
Don’t sweat it, it was probably a duff batch. It does happen. Just the wrong mixture at the production plant and a jobs worth who hasn’t had a pay raise for too ruddy long on quality control. Come on its easy to imagine that scenario.
Less than a k for a new set? I’d never buy em again and move on to something with more guts. Live and learn really…

Sorry, but without the pro lab inspecting every inch of your knackered boot you’re not gonna get much more than speculation from anyone but a seriously quality tyre specialist or pro racer on here are you…

Yea that sounds about right, I have a good case, the bike is new and the tyres were supplied with the bike, so the milage on the clock is the milage on the tyres no debate. 600 of the 800 was running in so again no debate.

I have written to Dunlop this afternoon saying Im not happy with their product or its life and if they dont give me a reasonable explanation Ill contact trading standards, a tyre that has no tyre life is not a tyre, its a scrub. Oooh well, worth a punt I have no leg to stand on as its a consumable item but its worth a try, just narks me off that I have spent KKKK’s on my new bike and two weeks later Im spending another 200 notes on friggin tyres, just dont seem right. Thanks for the comments guys.


worlds longest rolling burnout on a 250 scoot! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a shame, yeah it’s a great bike, my '08 R6 is on 1300 miles (need to go on some ride outs :stuck_out_tongue: ), same tyres and they look fine.

As **Toby ** says 'it was probably a duff batch

I hope Dunlop send you some new ones.

I have Pirelli Diablos on my 03 R6 and they are great, last well and have loads of grip find them great both on track and on Roads - I had the larger size put on my rear (180 rather then 170 - I think) but I think you get that now with the new ones.

Well Result guys, I contacted Dunlop UK yesterday who have asked for the tyre back for inspection. If it falls outside normal wear and tear they will give me a replacement tyre which is awesome. Just goes to show if you write a polite letter you get a polite reply.

Ill keep you updated.

Wonder whatever happened…?

I have the original D218’s on my 05 R6 (bought that way) and just closed 6000 miles on them mostly commuting. Time for a change… I’ve had no issues with these at all although I dont push them hard.

Howd it go?