Front end swap

Anyone done a complete front end swap ever?

I’m seriously thinking of putting a new front end on my 1981 Z200, as the cable-operated disc brake is quite crap. I have the whole front end of a 1983 GS250 i.e. yolks, forks, wheel and caliper. I want to get new taper head bearings so do I get bearings for the Z200 or for the GS250? I’m sure the older guys out there who are familiar with these 80s bikes know about all this.

Never really done one on a bike that old, but they are all pretty much of a much.

You’ll need to press the Z200 stem in to the GS yoke. I think the headstock on your Z200 would be slight larger than the GS? Then use the Z200 bearings. Thats How I do it on the fighters.

yep sounds about right to me aswell :slight_smile:

Cheers gentlemen!

just make sure the new forks arnt shorter. a tad longer is ok, but too much shorter will mean you’ll look like a drag racer :smiley:

I believe that the GS forks are a bit longer. But what’s wrong with looking like a racer in drag? I used to enjoy wearing dresses when I was still doing gigs!

Or should I wait until I got all the XS250 bits together? I got wheels, forks, now I only need a spindle, speedo drive, calipers, yolks, etc, but I prefer the look of the spoked wheels of the GS. Decisions ain’t my favourite thing at the moment.


gs wheels are ace, stick with that fella :wink:

Hells teeth, I thought I was the last person still alive to have owned a Z200. Had one in 77/78 and (if it started, mostly had to bump it) was a pretty good bike.

Providing everything was set up right, I never had a problem with the cable disc except faith. Once I’d got over that, it was a pretty fine bike all round for it’s size.

Swopping the front end? All sounds like a lot of work for a very small gain.

A relatively small gain in your opinion, a large one in mine! It would just be good to go a bit faster with the knowledge that I can stop. Eventually.

I found this article, which I found both informative and amusing:

Be a lot easier to sell the bike and buy something else, but that’s your choice.

Do the swap if it keeps you happy, I couldn’t be ar8ed on what is a very decent, basic small bike. Though the 250 Honda of the same era was much better, if more expensive at that time.