From W1 to RM1

Hey all,

Anyone here commute between the Romford area and West London? If so what is your fave route?

I have been using Marylebone Road, through Euston and then Pentonville Road through to City Road, off Old Street roadabout and through Hackney Road down to the A12.

Any other suggestions?

I used to do most of that route when I was working at kings Cross

on the way in it was old street/ clerkingwell then then up greys inn road

A12 towards The Eastway, peel off before Vicky Park via:

Homerton Hospital
Hackney Downs
Dalston Junction
Essex Road
A501 Ring to The Westway and The Wild West beckons

30 Minutes or so.

Or you could go the long way round, which is always more fun… I used to Work in Padington Green and in a Van this was the Quickest Route.

Romford to A406 Via Gants Hill.

A406 round towards Palmers Green,

Down the High Road towards TurnPike Lane,

Down to Archway and Into Tufnell Park,

Through Kentish Town & Camden into Marylebone via Padington

Thats an interesting route that I had never considered!

I find getting off the A12 at Bow slow, and currently the road works along Mile End also slow me right down.

I may have to try this route now!

Interesting route, but I absolutely HATE the A406 going North…probably my least favourite road ever…