Friday Ride from Rykas to Worthing

@nivag, @Panagiotis and @kylejm organised a ride out today and I tagged along (with a bit of a hangover). We rode from Rykas, stopped at Bury Hill for some refreshments (chicken mayo bap for me please, I’m dying), then on down to Worthing sea-front to Bluebird Cafe for some more grub (Just Cream Team for me please, and I’ll leave the tea).

The guys headed on to Loomies I think. I wanted to get home and curl up on the sofa so took a direct route back, using Calimoto to go mostly fast route but with some lanes through in. A280 was stunning, then found some proper flicking lanes off the A246 just above Horsham.

I’m now waiting for a take-away to arrive.

Thanks guys and especially @nivag for leading.

No idea who’s blue GS that is.

@Panagiotis is not actually this wide, it’s a super wide-angle shot. Sorry dude.


It was a good day out, we did go to Loomies

Pan decided he wanted to park next to his KTM fwend, who promptly left lol
Then back to Rykas via some good roads and also some questionable ones for the full Jetstream experience minus a ford.

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Awesome day indeed!

Here’s a pic after killing all the bugs we could find

Thanks for the Pan-oramic picture of me @jay

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I never felt more rejected!

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Yeah thanks dude!


nice one gents. I did this on friday also. The A272 is such a cracking road not to many villages so nice and flowing. A22 a bit slower but still ok. only downside it was late evening so was trying to get back before it started pissing down. next time I will go down towards Eastborne and take the A27 all the way to Worthing or when it becomes dual carriage way.

This year the aim is to ride new routes.