Friday 23rd Pub Meal Rideout .

Ok Folks On the above friday ( weather dependant possibly )

am intending to take a a little trip ( its about 20 miles one way in a westerly direction from Staines) to a little Harverster Pub

Think Leave the Staines area Around 6.30

Not a Hoon Just a Jolly …

as above 125/L Plate Friendly as well as the Larger Bikes Welcome

Ohhhhh go on then :wink:

Think ill be there tim,on a big bike but still new

I may join you for this one. Bit confused though …(nothing new there!)…are you starting off in Staines at 6.30?

Hey there

Thinking of coming along too, just trying to get an understanding of the timings though…

Am not around am afraid (nothing new there!!!) :laugh:

Right at this stage am Going on the Basis that 6.30pm is suitable to most to get to The Henlys Roundabout Mcdonalds ( A4/A30 junction) can stretch to 7pm at the latest

Then its ride out to the Pub on a few nice roads … Scoff,Chat etc and head back…

Please bring Clear Visors if you require one

oooh! I’m up for that! :slight_smile:

I only finish work at 5:30 the earliest … Friday just gone I only got out at 6 - got changed/left the carpark at 6:10 and made it to Target (somewhere I knew!) for 6:50 … the likelyhood of me making it to somewhere I don’t know (possibly with pillion) on time … makes my attendence nigh on impossible m’fraid.:frowning:

Thats a shame, its really easy to find, straight up the A4 …do you think you could get there for 7pm? Could I meet you on the way and take you there? OOohh thats brave for me who doesn’t know how to get to anywhere! Ive been to Heathrow so many times I actually know this one!

Ok, change of plans for me… I’m going to get a one hour deep tissue massage in a posh London spa instead… mmmm… :cool:

Have a good ride! :slight_smile:

That’s right … rub it in :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha… nice pun there Zander!

Maybe see you Wednesday Frenchie!

Chris, i can meet you just off the M4 if you want, the meet point is only round the corner from there :wink:

I’m in as a maybe, will know for sure on Thursday, :frowning:
Mr-C it’s about 10 - 15 mins from SG from Chriswick Roadabout staight down the A4.

Sounds perfect to me, reckon I should be able to get there between 6:30 and 7:00, if the worse happens though what pub are you aiming for?

Actually Simmo thats a good idea, where are we aiming for Tim in case I have to text you and say I’m stuck in traffic or something!

YAY! I’m a Pizza Delivery Rider today! lol

hey mate, me and the missis may be up for this! I will let you know!


There’s a good chance I’ll be bringing a pillion passenger as well, my daughter! I haven’t taken a passenger for years so might be a bit slow !