Fresh back from Simon's Sat. night blast

Black R1, check.

Dark twisty country roads, check.

Small showers and damp roads, check.

Dark visor… check.


I wondered where all the bugs had gone… there was a distinct lack of em on my way home

Hope everyone got back safely!

yea me n jobie gt home, finnaly, its 12:30 and where here!!! lol

see ya all soon, was a good night!!

yep…home safe and sound peeps…

good ride back threw A roads and thanks to BPB,Sincere and Flyby for the great journey home…

thanks to all for a great evening out…

nice one.!!

right im pooped…off to bed now…with a big grin round me chops…

snuggley smiled.

Love the pic, I’m jealous sounds like it was a good one.

I can’t remember what time we got home, but we had a blast along the A24. Big thanks to Tug for leading in the dark

well. to what i can remeber…adz, jay, lusty, over took us on the A23,

we were going 80ish ( yes thts right 80 in a mini) and thene they just flew past as if we were going backwards…

and jay i never knew ur bike sounded so nice!!! it sounded wicked even at tht speed!!!

did you not see us, flatout and blade come past you, we did wave

had a great time in brighton!! it was good geting everyone out together!!!
and i must say are little group were total nutters as god knows wat way we whent!!! it was good!!

shewolf!!did you sort your eye out hun!!

had a great time in brighton!! it was good geting everyone out together!!!
and i must say are little group were total nutters as and the ride home was great!! god know wat way we whent!!

well it seems that we must have seen you, lol

Cracking night out, thanks Flatout/Lou!

Thanks to Terry for directing people at key junctions as well on the way to Box Hill.

I should get out more, I enjoyed that

Had a laugh, as usual with u nutters…yeh i remember the little mini with white stripe, didnt know it was you two guys though? ha ha…seeing that pic, i do NOW though !!! (me,flats,andy sorta flashed past ya!)…

Thanks Flats, was good, although something happened along the way with the corner men and some of us took off in wrong directions on the roundabout to god knows where, spun back, and caught up back on track again…dont know who you were but thanks for seeing me back on route again !!! We were going one way and watching other bikes on the underpass below us !! ha ha…all adds to the day i suppose! (whats that they say about, you never leave your wing man?..we couldnt FIND our one on that occasion!)

It didnt make a difference though, it turned out ok… The guys loved having their pics taken with the local ladies too !!!

Good bunch of riders all of u, made me laugh with ur nutty ways, Gina, as always a giggle…good to see you all again…some havent seen in a while !!

Thanks to Andy for seeing me back to Dartford Tunnel, see you later.

Thanks everyone for a lovely evening

& si, thankyou for taking me, love holding on tight

Was loadsa fun til the corner man system broke down just before Brighton should have gone round the roundabout a few times… oh well… all sorted at Brighton … arcade rides were great…

Only downside to a great weekend was the CBR’s fuel pump crashing on sunday morning so bike ended up on the AA truck… and I ended up on the back of the Ninja … here’s to the next ride Q

Oh the shame!!!

Had a wicked time though guys, thanks to all of you!!

Especially all of you that managed a wave/flash (of the lights ) on the way back. Dunno if you guys saw me flash back or were going too fast

Anyway, nice one, look forward to the next outting!!

sorry i couldnt make it had a few probs over the weekend, gutted i couldnt go!, i shall be there next time!!!