Free TV Toshiba Regza 32”

I bought this from a member in my CB500 days (late 00s). Now it’s up for free. There was no interest on ebay and it would pain me to break it for parts as it still works.

Might be useful for a kids den, workshop or somewhere that you would like to have a TV and don’t care if it gets damaged. That said it’s solid as a rock so will be difficult to damage. Free or exchange for a Milky Way.

Here are the details.

Toshiba Regza 32” LCD TV with remote and stand. 32C3030D.

HDMI inputs 1 and 2 work fine.
Built in TV tuner for standard definition Freeview Channels.
PC VGA input is faulty, displays a washed out picture.
Very occasionally the screen doesn’t display a picture when powered up but you can hear the sound. Turning it to standby and then back on again resolves it.

Can I have it please?


Astonishing. I was working in the hotel industry when we put the very first 32" screens in hotel rooms. They were around USD $10,000 each. The first one I bought for myself was £2,600.

Flat I’m in has a 60" plasma slab. You’d struggle to give that away theses days. How times have changed.

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