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Having my recent contract running out on my old phone i was looking into the cheapest way to get me hands on an iphone, after searching the web i came across Believe me, i was as skeptical as the next person, but having looked on forums etc. it actually seemed 110% legit, something to do with companies paying other companies to get their members to advertise in turn for a gift etc.

Anyway… after becoming a member you then get the choice of around 12 offers, you have to complete one in order to be able to start the referrel process and claim your reward. With abit of research i found coral to be the best one to go for, its requires you to sign up to coral’s (bookmakers) website and put some bets that amount up to a fiver on… once done, give the incentives webby an hour or so to refresh and it’ll tell you that you have an offer completed and can now start the refferel process.
I suddenly thought, with the amount of friendly people online here all day, it takes literally 30seconds to refer some1, if we all referred eachother etc etc… then in no time at all you could amount enough referrels to win some real nice new gadgets (iphone 3g = 18referrels i believe)

In my opinion what we waiting for, lets get signing up n helping eachother…

My code is : : if a few people could simply paste that into their browser to help me out that’d be absolutely fantastic and i’d have no problem in returning the favour, this does work guys and its not that much effort… less anyway than forking out £300!

When you get yours I’ll sign up :wink:


Don’t hold yer breath !

lol, ok, well if you’d be so kind as to copy link into your browser i should have 19 quick and i’ll be able to prove first hand. In all fairness how hard would it be to collect a couple here and there if we helped eachother, not really rocket science :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 again.

Come on Admins sort it out… people with so few posts should not be aloud to punt for things like this…

it is all a waste of time as well arlo…

Fair enough guys… admittedly havn’t been ere long… was only posting to see reactions… if it had taken off it coulda been kinda kool, obviously people not keen, fair enough. I do apologise :frowning: