Free PC BIts

Dear all,

I have lots of working PC Bits that I need to get rid of, so if some one wants a cheap way of upgrading thier elderly PC let me know. None of the parts are state of the art, but if you were looking for a second office PC or the like then these bits would be more then adequate.

I am getting rid of the bits to make space, Must stop hording

I have a few midi /maxi atx towers some p2 and p3 mb’s, processors and the like. Loads of CD roms, a few graphic cards, lots of network cards, some memory (older Dimms), some hard drives but they are very small and for the price of them now I would recomend buying new, loads of leads cables and the like. I have a couple of not great monitors, but if some needs them they can have them. One needs a new signal lead as there is a break in the cable and another needs the colour balance sorted. If there are no takers I will bin them shortly.

All I would ask is that if any one needs anything they PM me and I will let them know what I have got, we can discuss collection or meeting up. If any one does take me up on my offer, I would ask that they make a small donation to the London Air Ambulance.