FREE - Paving blocks, sharp and kiln sand

ok have just finished my front garden and have over 200 bricks left, with sharp sand and kiln sand as well.All completely Free ~ with one small condition.

I have about 5/6 bags or rubbish and 3 half doors that need to go, so you can take everything for free but would like these to go as well…

They need to be gone asap as I need them out the way so I can finish my front garden.

No thanks

looks like your sills could do with a lick of paint come spring! :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of interest why did you lay the bricks the wrong way. :slight_smile:

oi don’t knock it I’m well proud of my effects never having laid so many bricks before :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol didn’t know there was a right or a wrong way…

Either way I aint doing it again my back is killing me…

Lol, i was wanderign how you was gonna take that comment.Come on then mark, how do you lay them ‘correctly’ :smiley:

The most annoying thing is I think I see where he is going with it. any who had to hire the gear to cut it all so stays as it is, and am well happy with my efforts

Obvoiusly you watch the film first:

lol wish I had one of those!!!

I’m going to guess … they should be laid east to west … rather than north to south … so that rainwater drains towards the path/bushes … rather than towards the pavement/front wall of the house which will encouraging damp …?

C’mon though TDJ - put us out of our misery :smiley:

Here’s a clue.:Whistling:



So what is the knock on of doing it wrong? Is it the lack of drainage or …?

Yes and the clay foundations drying up causing it to shrink, and the weight of the bay pulling away from the front of the house. :slight_smile:

Good to know - and something to look out for when house shopping in the future … shoddy brick paving and what to look out for :smiley:

Ta :slight_smile:

Well happy to say these were picked up last night and are heading towards a very needy Scout Troop so at least they are going to a good cause.

Guess that will be a new badge for most of them.

Cool.Wanna do ours?