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Free Oxford Stormex Bike Cover

Well worn and has a few rips and tears but handy to throw over your bike as an extra security measure. 3 of the 4 locking loops are fully intact. One is a bit ripped.

Will need to be collected from SW6 before Friday 8th of October.

I’d be interested, only issue is i’m not sure i’ll be able to get to SW6 by next weekend :frowning_face:

Where are you based? I’m doing a lot of driving around at the moment so maybe we can work something out.

I’m off city road right behind the Texaco.

Where is your gaff? Might drop it round.

If you want to drop it off at my office in Bayswater I can get it to Karl

Cheers both, @Joby I’m out past maidstone now.

if it gets to me happy days, it will be used, if not, not to worry.

I’ll be in my office tomorrow, after that not sure as the petrol situation is causing me real greif.

Could it be used as a Gazebo???


Not in Chelsea.

Nor Fulham :wink: