Free One Piece Dainese Leathers

I’ve bought new leathers, my old ones are not really in a saleable condition. So I thought I would offer them here for free in case someone could make use of them.

Size 48. Comes with a full length back protector.

A number of scuffs but entirely intact. The zip pull has popped off one side but no doubt can be put back on or replaced entirely by a seamstress/leather specialist.

Buyer collects, or meets somewhere convenient. I’m not sending them.

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For anyone inteterested in these, Hill4Leather can fix all of those issues and have a whole box of Dianese bits.

Too small for me, but theres someone on Reddit who wants some

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Where are you located? I need to check if that size will fit me

Have replied via PM

Morning just wondering if are theses still available.

Thanks Ben

They are! DM me for location.

Collected this evening, nice to meet you jay and thanks again for the leathers :+1:t3:

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You’re most welcome!