Free No Expenses Spared Pub Lunch 28/06/08

As some of you might already know, I am moving home on Saturday from Northolt to Bracknell-Forest.
Arnie as already offered generously to help me move as my partner Eva is 5 months pregnant and I have restricted her to cleaning duties.
So if any of the big and able boys are willing to help Arnie and myself, I will be buying lunch to all involved to the Peacock Farm, an award winning gastro pub in a beautiful class 2 building recently restored
The all thing would kick off around 10am and we should all be done mid afternoon.
I do realized that this is not everyone idea of a relaxing Saturday but this is way cheaper than a gym membership.:cool:

PS: Secured bike parking provided while we “exercise” :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also pretty sure that Arnie would make horary Arnie Club member any LB volunteering. We are talking about a very close membership club with only 2 founding members and 1 normal member as per today. A benefit not to underestimate. :hehe:

I can’t believe that nobody here has such a low social life that they have nothing better to do but lifting boxes on Saturday. Especially that it seems that the weather will be OK too.
Thanks got for the Terminator that fear nothing. :smiley:

Hope all goes well chaps. Saturday is not a free day for us.

Well I would offer my assistance… If I could. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but i have a fully booked day with my kids this weekend.

Why don’t you hire a couple of chaps from the local paper . . . man with a van type thing ? £500 cash and it’ll all be done for you, boxes, furniture, driving, the whole lot, all you need do is help your wife, keep her comfortable and supervise the work, all sorted ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here - I would like to help but have a busy weekend and am recovering from an arm injury.


I live in Crowthorne and would have offered to help but last night we were invited over to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon!

Shame as the food in Peacock Farm is very nice - albeit quite expensive as well!

If you are up for a ride in the local area then let me know! :smiley:

I have sent you a PM seeing as i live just a mile away from your new house i will see if i can pop over after work.

I’m only a couple of miles away from there (Wokingham) but will be away this weekend. (Excuses R us)

I would but I could have a dodgy ticker ANd all that fun could push me over the edge

You never know !!!