Free MOTORBIKES all 60 odd must go

Anyone got any little ****s sorry kids of the little boy varierty, i have a load of 1/18 bikes everything from off roaders to sports even some models of really old style bikes sure some kid would like them not bad models either, if no one wants em im gonna bin them i dont want anything for them just want them gone so pm if interested you will have to come get them or i could possibly meet ya somewhere … they do contain small parts that may come off so sorry Ginger in light of that you cant have them we dont want you choking




PM Sent

Wont she let you keep em?

Has the racing car bed gone yet?

dam too late. pm sent anyway

Did you want the bed too

shhh i dont want the misses to know until i get it

wonder if the slippers are staying or going tho

Let me guess Thomas The Tank Engine?


Ok Gilly your have to post a pic of them and let us ALL see


oh i will

Ninja Turtles?

ninja turtles lmao

they look like this



thats the slippers wahey… mine are a bit grubby i might go for the cooked chicken ones next

As for my bikes Barro laid claim by phone last night sorry but ya gotta be quick if he changes his miind ill let ya know in turn,

thanks for the interest guys… no slippers are not being given away

He won’t change his mind - he’s already got the ebay page ready and waiting…

Ohhhh Pat…Me !!..Noooooooooooooooooooo