Free Lunch !!

Anyone on the BCW listing that isnt working today ?

If so there is a Free Lunch, compliments of The Barro…well…almost free…you do have to sit in on a Major Meeting with the powers that be at The Breakthrough to Breast Cancer Head Office in Holborn at 1pm.

Short notice I know but the Meeting was re-scheduled at the last minute !!

Any takers ?

Awww bum, i wasnt working today but was offered an extra shift and accepted

Nevermind, have a good day!

Sorry Barro mate, would have come when I was out of work, but now I’m doing stupid hours…enjoy the free grub and eat double for us eh!

Sorry mate - no can do… but that reminds me I need to go bra shopping for the Bandit


do you work there?

If so, i’m based in the same building on the first floor! Different firm


Pm Sent !!

Come say hello over a Liquid Lunch then !!

if id had seen this earlier then maybee but ive just got up.

You lazy git!!