Free: Faulty TV - LG 47LE8900

I’ve got a faulty 47" TV that is not recognising HDMI inputs. It’s a common fault with this model and the fix is to pull it apart and bake the mainboard. I have done this twice already and got a few months extra out of it each time. The electrical tracks on the mainboard become brittle over time and so baking it resets the solder.

However, I can’t be bothered to do it again so if anyone wants a faulty TV, you can come pick it up from Balham.

It’s actually a fairly decent TV for its time (bought 2011 and it’s already got LED technology).

The other inputs should still work so you should be able to plug a VGA cable into it. However I haven’t verified this so please don’t blame me if it doesn’t work.

If no one wants it, it will be going to the tip on Saturday (5 August).

Given that it has freeview built in and is full HD, this is a generous offer for London dwellers. I would take it for the conservatory but it wouldn’t fit on the bike. Swings and roundabouts, wouldn’t have a conservatory if I lived in London.
Someone take it FFS!

Interested. Could you wait until sometime next week for collection?

Haha just sent pm to same effect!

Yeah sure… I’ll stash it down in the cellar for now. If yourebarred doesn’t want it, I’m home most evenings.

All yours LawLiner

Cool, PM’d you Shaun