We got a nice new LCD widescreen TV, so our old CRT is up for grabs.
It’s a Samsung 24" or 26", not sure exactly. It’s probably about 7-8 years old but in good working order.
The only thing that isn’t working properly is the remove. I don’t think it’s the batteries as we tried to replace them, but the buttons don’t go very well. you have to push them really hard for a while before they work. It’s never bothered us as we used it through a freeview box.
It’s got a scart and usual connections.

I’d rather somebody can use it than throwing it out, so it’s free if anybody here wants it.
I can deliver “locally” for diesel money.

ill have it if ya still got it mines got a mind off it’s own… were are ya??

I’m in SE13. I seem to remember from a previous topic your in the same area aren’t you?
Can you pick it up or do you want me to bring it along?
It’s pretty bulky but should fit on the back seat of a car.

yer i am in lee green area i should be able to pick it up if you let me no a time and date.

PM sent

Still up for grabs.
Anybody wants it?

wots crt mean?

Chop Rocker Tightarse ;):slight_smile:

T stands for tube, can’t remember the rest :wink:

Basically, a big “old style” TV, not a flatscreen.

cathode ray :wink:

Nerd alert