FREE body attack class

Ok, this might be a bit of a long shot, but…

does anybody want to come to a FREE 1hr Les Mills Body Attack session this Saturday 22nd at 11AM in Bloomsbury?

Mrs KTM D is doing the final stage of her instructor training and has to video a class and has just had a load of drop outs. Don’t worry, the video is of her, not of the people taking part and is only ever going to be sent off to be assessed, so no-one but her instructors will EVER see it.

If you think your wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, mates or cousins etc may be up for it then please let them know.

PM me if you are interested and I’ll get you the details.

if you don’t know what Body Attack is all about then clicky this linky

God that looks like hell on Earth!! The music alone would have me running for cover within 2 minutes :crazy: let alone all the sweaty loons bouncing around me!!

Still, I hope your missus passes her instructor training :slight_smile:

Dave I was going to go because I thought it would be a self defence course like this…

Watched it at work with no sound , looks like River Dance on Acid !!

Fair play if you can manage a class like that , more like Heart Attack for me !!

Mate, do it for an hour! this is a serious workout!

Calorie burn is around 700 in an hour, so if you want to sit smugly for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge that you can gorge on cake then this is the class for you!

Mate , if I did that the only place I would be sitting is in the back of an Ambulance , IF I was lucky.

That’s not much, I did four circuits of the local park, just shy of 10 km, and that was 900 cal, just over 1 hour 20.

Good on ya, that’s a very good return for 10K

A room full of sweaty people…sharing their sweat with their neighbours…grim :sick:

Oh, I dunno, I can think of a couple of scenarios where that could be considered quite appealing…:wink:

Free?!?! So that means some people pay to do that! It’s a funny old world.

Looks good, but I think it would kill me.

Good luck.:slight_smile:

Looks like good old fashioned aerobics to me, just packaged up & given a marketing label.