Free biker down first aid course

Anyone done it? Anyone fancy it? I’m going to book onto next sunday. Basically because it’s a free bikey way to spend a sunday afternoon, comes with a free first aid kit, and I’m a tight git.

Anyway, link here:

I did one in Kent a few years ago and it was really good. A few LBers went along.

Booked Sat afternoon

I did it, I think if you have never done a first aid course then go for it. If you have you’ll probably not learn anything other than how to remove a crash hat safely…

As above. If you’ve never done any sort of first aid or trauma scene management training then it’s a really good intro and as it’s a free course, I’d recommend that everyone does it. Plus you get to play with firemen for a few hours :laughing:.

There is a but coming up…

It’s only a three hour course and out of necessity it’s very rushed. There’s not much detail and there’s not enough time for discussion and I personally don’t think that your given enough time for things to sink in. If you can, see if you can get on a First Bike on Scene course - it’s a whole day’s training and goes into things much better.