Free bike ride taster for 16s' and over

just heard a peice on the beeb news about an organisation that is offering free half hour taster bike ride/lesson for anyone over 16. The idea is to get more people on to bikes saying there has never been a better tme for it. I didnt catch any details of who or where but I’m sure you clever peeps will have a link up in minutes. (not sure how to do it !!!:D) sounds like a great offer to me.:cool: apologies if this is old news

that’s a place called geton… it’s for a hour though :wink:

don’t need a license either. think ill send my mum there a few times might save the fence’s were she keeps riding through it:laugh:

Anybody do anything with this? I signed my lady up to it and she’s really excited and chomping at the bit, but hasn’t heard anything back from them. Ok it’s only a week and I’m sure they’re inundated.

But it’s her birthday soon and was thinking of getting her some lessons if she enjoyed it. Anybody know how quickly it all happens?