Free bags of kindling

I may have some bags (well about 6) of Kindling for sale / exchange / free. Are there any arsonists that might want them?

This kind of jazz:

Obviously not as effective as petrol for committing arson but with fuel prices as they are even the criminal element are feeling the pinch…and as I recall there were no cub scout award badges for starting fires with petrol.

Collection from SW7. Usual drill, beer is preferable to FA. If there is interest I’ll check with the boss to see if I can shift them.

i think the best maybe here you can see this at its a cool site for coal and its in cheap price. just give it a try

WHAT’S the moisture content ? ��:laughing::smiley:

This was almost 3 years ago. I gave them away with my sale of some garage cabinets.