Frayed/Stripped Bolt

Pesky small bolt I need to get out on the underside of the switchgear (so it is also upside down).
Are those screw extractors any good for the first thing to try? I see Amazon have them.

Not sure what screw extractors you’re referring to, there are many types.

There should be two screws securing the switch, remove the other and you should be able to rotate the switch to better see what your doing. That shouldn’t be that tight or difficult to remove with a No2 Phillips or JIS screwdriver, assumption is the screwdriver tip is in good condition.

If still no joy I’d cut a slot across the head with a junior hacksaw and remove it with a flat bladed screwdriver. Another method is to notch the screw head and turn it with a small cold chisel.

If you really must part with hard earned to get it out the double ended drill bit type work well providing the screw is made of chinesium or similar soft material which it probably is considering its condition. One end of the bit is used to drill a recess in the cross point, the other end to extract the screw.


not a recommendation just something I saw similar to one of the extractor sets I have.

Can’t you get a pair of pliers or molegrips on that?

Good comment. Thanks. Your link is what I meant. Possibly need to try a better screwdriver first off.

Will have another bash.

I’ve got one one these, though whether it’s exactly the same brand hard to tell. I had some success in removing a completely stripped screw (the head was stripped).

Mine came out easy with this but the screw was in soft wood (doorframe) so offered little resistance…

The other thing I would try, before going down the extractor route, is whether you can stick a small flat screwdriver under the head and apply a bit of pressure (essentially trying to gently lift it up)whilst trying to unscrew with a normal screwdriver.

I worked through the suggestions. But it was too tight a space to grip, and the hammer didn’t help. I got it out in the end by putting a latex glove over the screwdriver for more grip! Adapting something I read about an elastic band.

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Happy days, now inspect the tips of all your screwdrivers and replace any that are showing any signs of wear.

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