Frank Thomas Titanium Pro Jeans - Any Good?

Im looking to get some leather jeans - seen these Frank Thomas jeans, anyone use them or heard about them, seem quite good for the price of £169 - whats the fit like of them, do they come up big or small etc


Frank Thomas’ designer is a woman…so you have two hopes on the ‘fit’ front. The armour is rubbish as its based on roller skate knee protectors from the 80’s…oh yeah…they WILL fall apart…not might…WILL

Do you need sliders? If not get some Dainese Mekong trouser for £179.99 hell if you need sliders add some patches on…patches only cost £10

I have the two piece predecessor to these. Comfortable enough but dont have any shin protection.

The padding is ok. Look on ebay, might get them cheaper… I did.

The manufacturer is not synominous with protective clothing from my limited experience. Once bitten twice shy as they say. Personally wouldn’t touch gear made from this company.

I agree pal, but it was cheap and cheerful for me.

My one piece is used for more “spirited” riding (not frank thomas). The one piece is more comfortable to.

Cheers for the replies - I figured that as usual if you want quality you have to pay for it so I went and bought some Dainese Pele trousers (I think there Pele!) Im really pleased with em