Just got back from 7 days rolling around France on my 1250S Bandit with mates (Calais, WW1 Graves, Reims, Auxerre, Millau, Clermont Ferrand, Sarlat La Caneda, Mont St Michel. WWII Graves & Beaches, and Abbeville). Had a fabulous time but it is hellish expensive out there at the moment – Continental Brekkies from £8 to £14, 2 Course Dinners in very average restaurants from £20 to £40 and 2-3 star hotels from £80 to £120 a night.

It’s the most expensive ‘cheap’ holiday I’ve ever had!

Touring tip: Draggin’ Jeans & Dianese Impact Shorts = no pain! :slight_smile:

Not heard of F1 or Etap hotels?? 40 euros per night per room (sleeps 3) breakie 5 euros:) they are basic but perfect for touring:)

Those youngster have no idea on touring have they :D:D:D

hi came back from bergerac last month and the food and fuel is really expensive at the mo. it does put you off a bit if your spending more than a few days there. :smiley:

good job we’re passing thru then on way to Italy :D:D

:smiley: no idea:D

it is on motorways, it is always worth getting off mways (if on one) to fuel up, France is like here Mway services charge top dollar. The rest of France is no more expensive than here and if you look hard in the little villages and out of town hypermarkets it is a fair bit cheaper;)

Not only that it’s also full of French birds.

Your mates have got funny names.