France this year

Hi all, Anyone planning a trip to France this year, I plan to ride down to SW France ( just north of Beziers where I have a house ) I don’t have any fixed dates and am flexible, but prob from April onwards. Maybe someone is going to Spain ? I plan to avoid motorways as far as Clermand Ferrand where the A75 is free for the last 300 Kms and also like a race track : ) would be happy to tag along with soemone and peel off along the way. 


Stayed at my wife’s friends in Servian, lovely place. Enjoy, so jealous.

I’ve ridden in France quite a few times.  I love over there.  The French drivers are terriffic to motorcyclists.  It’s as if their primary purpose is to look for motorcycles, in order to give way to them.  I’d capitalise on any opportunity to go for a ride out over there, be it for a couple of days or a fortnight.

I find most of Europe are fantastic towards bikes compared to the UK. I think its cos they are all brought up riding scooters so they are aware of the dangers of riding. The only place I found it scary riding is Italy, but that was down to the sheer scale of traffic and the no fear attitude of the loons on scooters

Planned Route:

Early…ish crossing/tunnel to Calais A26 motorway to St Quentin then A/B roads down  to Troyes, stopping at Chalon sur Soane.  Next morning, cut across to Clermont Ferrand on B roads to hit the free race track errr… motorway all the way home. Forgot to mention, I can  ( depending on when we go ) offer free beds and secure parking for a few nights plus a local rideout…or 2. 


St Quentin to Troyes you may as well use the Motoway as there’s little to see on the smaller roads around there. it gets a lot better after Clermont.

Cheers TDJ, will check out the route in more detail, thanks for the heads up. From St Quentin I was gonna go Soissons-Chateau Thierry ??

TDJ has a point. Should you stop over near Soissons- Chateau Thierry, dont miss Avallon (Vaubins birthplace) Vezerlay, a pilgrimage spot with a wicked church and good coffee.

The Park Narurel De Morvan (full of sangliers ,herisons, blaireau and ecureuil) is unmissable en route for Vichy, good stop for purging waters or coffee.

Clermont is no distance, ask for Denise at the tourist information centre.

Really? I’m interested, I love riding in France.

We might be interested as we are going to italy in may/june :slight_smile:

@Jaime, Aceman, May/June sounds about right, although for Italy you may want to head more Alps way, anyway lets keep in touch and meet up went the things get a tad warmer.

@StreetDouble - Yup.

I’m planning this year around August to make nice trip. Portsmouth-Santander ferry then towards south france, italy. Later on to catch some mountains. I need 3 more bikers to have optimum amount of 4. Anybody interested?

Last year i made over 4000 km in 2 weeks. I learned from the mistakes i have done so this year we can make it better