France Ride, Important info!

Operation Stack has been put back in place:

So from Maidstone services (M20J8) to Ashford (M20J9) we will have to use the A20. This will add at least 10 mins to the flit from the Maidstone services to Eurotunnel. I suggest we should leave Maidstone services by 06:45 at the latest, so early arrival there is advised if you want to re-fuel, have brekker etc. Not forgetting the briefing!

Umm as I’m meeting you lot down in Folkestone I’ll be missing the briefing, will this be a major issue?

Only if your leading ;):stuck_out_tongue:

no it wont be but you will have to see someone to get briefed when we meet you

ooh I missed the bit about a briefing…are you guys going to pick us up at box…and we all go to maidstone…

Annd Operation Stack is off according to my mate who comes in from that way :slight_smile:

Not just yet it seems:


Go to bed Jim!!! We need you bright eyed tomorrow :wink:

Nite nite all x

wot you going to bed already, i can understand terry needing his beauty sleep

I’ll be in bed in half an hour - need more scotch to sleep…

oi you get to bed, your our leader.

o well after 3 and a half hours sleep of getting up every 30 min [couldnt sleep ] its time to get ready and go, lets hope the weather holds out, take it easy today and hope to see you all soon,