Found this on another forum...crash

VERY VERY loud video. Turn volume right down before playing.

Is he seriously doing 175kph into that bend? That bike was nowhere near turning into that bend… I think the top comment fits :slight_smile: “You are a fucking idiot and you should never ride a motorcycle ever again.”

and with a pillion as well, nutter

wtf maaaan. thats the dumbest thing ever!

idiot !!

lucky both got away with it,

too fast!!! and he didnt even attempt the corner…CRAZY. give up mate!!!

The bus was invented for people like him .

That almost looked as if he was trying to crash, like something out of Jackass.

Just as he goes into the bank you see headlights approaching round the bend.

he totally would have made it if he leaned into the corner abit more :hehe:

Not something you’d want to impress a girl with :crazy:…what a plonker :doze: take the bus next time mate, wouldn’t even trust you with a bicycle :Whistling:

utter bellend had no control over the bike what so ever he is lucky to walk away from that at such speed. much have been american as they dont do bends lol