Found Gingers ideal Sandwish

This one I bet he would have only one! lol



He’d have a very long ride to build up his hunger. That’s Denny’s in NYC unless I’m very much mistaken. Don’t ask how I know

You get the burger free if you can finish it in under 3 hours (I think).

Bloody hell… the size of that thing!!! TOO MUCH!!! No wonder there a a few larger people in the states… LOL…

You don’t like your beef as much as the yanks then Foxy?

i’ll take two!! under 3hrs COME ON!!! Give me a challenge!!

That’s rank

That’s big enough to feed an entire family.

Perfectly doable. Done 2 X 25oz burgers in a yank diner over here before and got paid £25 dor doing it. Didn’t have to pay for the food either. Happy days.

Despite my smallish stature, boy can I eat when i try. Eating comps used to be a forte of mine.

OK, I’ve found the “spec” of that burger in case anyone is interested in tackling it:

6 lbs of beef (as in 24 quarter pounder burgers!!)
One large onion
Two whole tomatoes
Half a head of lettuce
1 1/4 lbs of cheese
A cup each of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, burger relish and pickles

If you’re interested, apply to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, NYC

See attached shot for what that burger is like next to a normal quarter pounder.



with a ‘waffer thin mint’ to finish I presume ?



Obviously! Have to keep up standards don’t cha know

not to mention a cheeky cheeseburger chaser and a diet coke!