Found an old performance bike article..........

My dad cleared out the loft and we found hundreds of old bike mags, three huge boxes of em lol! whilst browsing through I found an article about Phil Reid and Mark Forsyth. Phil Reed was tyring to make the point that the fastest way round a circuit or a corner is not to get your knee down and that he could lap faster round a chosen circuit than Forsyth with his tucked non knee down style.

Very good article and the bikes used were a Manx Norton and an original R1. They kept swapping bikes all day and seeing who could clock the fastest time. Phil Reid clocked faster times than Forsyth. I know he is a legend racer but for a bloke well in his 60s very impressive and Mr Forsyth isn’t exactly slow either

Reid Adopted the ride round the corner technique by using every inch of the track where as Forsyth adopted the late braking bang it over on your knee and squirt it out squaring the corner off. Very interesting read.