Forward facing speed cameras for bikes

this was on the end of the other story I posted looks like your days are number if your speeding on your bikes

i see this link while looking at the other video too, to be honest you gotta be a bi of a plank to cane it passed a camera van, bearing in mind you never know if they have/havent got a cam at the front, or someone sitting in the fron that might catch ya plate.

i normaly slow right down when i pass them, and wait till i’m out of sight…

Scum, they are killing people, nothing to do with safety, just cash collection.

I would stop for the chick in the clip… :hehe: :smiley:

End of the day I like speeding - a camera here and there isnt going to stop me doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

So does this mean that as you approach… keep up the speed and right at the edge of the van stand it up on the back to keep them from seeing the plate??? Hypothetically of course:w00t:

try telling that to a family who has lost someone because of it.

If you can find somebody who has . . . amongst all those who have lost family from drunk drivers, drivers who are on the phone, not paying attention, arguing with their wife/husband, fall asleep or simply just not looking where they are going. The speed kills lie was exposed (by the police of all people !) years ago . . keep up ;):smiley:

+1 - thats what i meant.
speeding in the wrong conditions!.

Yeah of course, Im not about to go and do 90mph past a school but to be sent a speed awareness course for doing 36mph in a 30mph zone and to be asked what do my family think of my offence & will I do it again is a joke!


Was bound to happen ,surprised it took so long !!:wink:

and if you daft enough to speed past a camera van …


i bet she wouldn’t be so opinionated after a nice ride on the back of a bike?


The vans arent so easy to see anymore because they no longer have to stand out with big yellow markings on.

I got pulled by an unmarked car at the bulldog bash doing 50mph in a 30 limit and got away with just a caution so not all police are that bad. Must admit it wasnt like i was riding dangerously and i dont think the limit should have changed to a 30 until another few hundred yards down the road which is proberbly why they let me off so lightly

Its probably fair to say the 90% of all copers are ordinary decent people - Most wont be sticking dead on the speed limit themselves in Civies…

The Camera twunts are a completely different breed however - Hell bent on justifying their own sorry existance…

Id rather have 50 propper coppers on the beat/ road than have 1000 speed cameras - How many camers have caught & prosecuted Mobile phone offences>?


Camera van at Box Hill this morning 6.45am ???

feckers … lets avoid Leicestershire

What I find laughable is that they have been ‘spun’ they used to be speed camera vans, and now they are ‘Safety Partnership’ vans. Can we have something that doesn’t insult our intelligence?

What next Civil Community Partnership Workers aka the fuzz? :smiley:

Just wondering as a lot of these new cameras are laser based what is the impact on the eyes?