Forum forgive me for i have sinned

Forum forgive me for i have sinned. My bike is booked in for a race replica paint job in the winter months,so i have kinda let the paintwork “go” a little. With the upcoming rideout to southend i thought i had better tidy her up a little,out of respect if nothing else,so i went and had some graphics made up, “Yamaha,FZR etc…” Then i was asked if there was any others that i wanted,and in a total moment of weakness i said “yes, please” I have done a very bad thing by not getting them from this forum,and i beg for total forgivness and throw my soul at your mercy. My only saving grace is that they wont be on there for long,and when my bike is all painted and spanking i will then buy the proper stickers from you and hopefully my consciencious will be cleansed,i am now going to my room to say 40 “hail marys”


Think you better text the London air ambulance Donation line and donate £1.50 for each pair of stickers you have had made…

Using the LB Texting service, you’re now able to donate £1.50 to the London Air Ambulance via your mobile phone. If you text ‘BIKER LAA’ to 80010 we will receive it and add it to the donation fund which we build for the London Air Ambulance. Details of the handovers are publicised via our news service.

then you will be forgiven my son… when you goona get your arse out and meet some of us dude???

Hoping to get to southend on the 30th mate,will make my donations then


Heheh, no problem Ade, thank-you for having the name on there! What paint-job are you getting; Repsol!?

Nah i saving the repsol paintjob for when i get a blade,think i probably opting for redbull this time,altho marlboro is also a consideration


If you get a blade mate you must have the Barros paint scheme. That bike is the must

I have always promised myself a repsol blade tho,it wouldnt feel right in any other colours Thats my biking nirvana


Fair enough, it’s a gorgeous bike too

I love the Repsol Honda… It’s just so eye catching…

Well thats what i am hoping to end up with,a repsol blade,and then my life will be complete