Fortunatley, this is not a fatal

Many people have asked me about my experiences when I used to do Special Escort Group work, and very few believe that sometimes things go wrong.

Well, here is proof of the pudding that things can and do go wrong, no matter how well trained you are or how good you think you are, none of us are indestructable (and this is not in any way meant as an apportioment of blame in this case as nobody yet knows the full cause)

Lets hope everyone makes a speedy and full recovery

Ouch … I felt that

Bloody hell!

From what I read the Escort Rider is not so bad thankfully…

J.C. do you know Justin Braban form the Escort Group? He’s my Nephew-in-law … I don’t think the rider was him…


never understand why they don’t have sirens going. the driver should totally have seen the blue lights though

looked like the police biker was overtaking another car on the wrong side of the road probably speeding ahead to clear the next junction ,the car he was overtaking seemed to block the mini cab drivers view,jmo but i have seen some pretty reckless driving from the police lately ,see one hit a car on the edgware road about a month ago,see another jump a red light on the edgware road then flick his sirens on as he was half way across the junction only to flick em back off once clear of the junction …perhaps a few of them need to redo bike safe course.

Going fast on a bike + streets of London, surprised it doesn’t happen more often to be honest.

Having worked a lot supporting police riders, looks like he was going past an uncontrolled junction. Passing a car on approach to a junction is something an advanced rider shouldn’t be doing.

As for sirens, two points -

  1. most car drivers don’t hear sirens. See it all the time, nobody moves over until the blue lights are reflecting off the phone their headphones are plugged into.

  2. if you are on VIP escort, how much notice do you want to give the terrorists that you are coming? You use the siren as necessary to get attention, not to give notice.


edit miss read, hope the ride is OK.

+1 for Bikesafe. Sure his mates in the OB are telling him exactly the same :smiley:

:smiley: that quite funny police redoing their own course

you missed out a very important fact about sirens and SEG BIKES


That makes sense. Explains the police whistle!