fork rebuild - 1988 Honda Bros 400

Ive got the Forks apart (only rounded 1 bolt :w00t: )

they were leaking badly, and each had about 200ml of oil left (of about 500ml).

My forks:…e/FORK-FR.html

  • i dont have a “4”, should i?

  • is this a “21” (this is the one ive rounded)

  • are there any other parts i would likley need after nearly running out of oil, how would i tell whats buggered?
    i am ordering:
    Fork Damper Retaining Bolt
    Fork Dust Seals Pair
    Fork Oil Seal Pair - Japanese Quality
    Fork Oil Seal Retaining Clip (one is rusted to fcuk)


Yes you should have 4 its only a washer that makes the spring meet the spacer better… you can do without it its not critical but will change the length of the fork by a few mm :slight_smile:

did you get the rounded bolt out? so long as you have the copper sealing washer you can match the bolt thread pitch and length with any bolt for a shop.

thanks, mostly sorted now, one fork rebuilt, the other one im doing tomorrow.

got the rounded bolt out, new "4"s in.

though 1 brush went in alot eaiser then the other (and further down).

will it damege the new seals if i take it out?

does it actually need removing?