Ford & Ellis Motorcycles

Does anyone on here have any experience with Ford & Ellis Motorcycles in Chesham?

I’m thinking of getting a bike from them and just wanted to hear about any experiences (good or bad).


A mate of mine has bought a few bikes off them over the years and he rates them pretty highly.

From what he’s said he’s never had any problems with them at all.

can you see if they have any jobs going??

They are a good dealer, with good aftersales & parts!

Go buy with confidence.

Been using them over 20 years now, top service every time.

Only had MOT from them, but no complaints.

Thanks everyone. I had a good vibe from the place but it’s good to hear first hand accounts of people getting good service from them.


Ditto all the above, nice, honest people, very experienced mechanic guy out the back too.

Will do nice deals on bikes if you haggle…