For those with 'L's

A friend of mine is currently going through his DAS but has a 125 on the Road. He has never been on a ride before so i said i’d get a few people together for an easy paced ride on bank holiday Monday. Were meeting at 9:30-10 at the Ace.

Loonies need not apply - it will be a day of finding feet for one or two people. Although theres a few of us on big bikes so if you fancy a nice pace some lunch somewhere nice and some good roads - “Then come on down”

So far
Miggys friends x2 on 125’s
and a mate of mine on his 125

I’ll come along and help if its needed?

you decided a route yet ?
and ill come

oh dad aswell

Ive got a route in mind but we’ll see who turns up and how far everyone feels comfortable travelling, then take it from there. :smiley:

Let’s go Poland :smiley:

I will come aswell and provide protection from Police ! :cool:

I knew I should have got the tomtom for europe! :smiley:

I should game for this one… (ideas as to where we might end up?)


I might be up for this :smiley:

Though thinking about it the Ace will be packed solid as lots of people wiil be heading off for the Margate Run, so it may be hard to find each other.

Dont know if you want to move the meeting place or perhaps the time ? :hehe:

see your point tricksie but unfortunatly its a pretty central point for alot of us and ive already made plans with a few to meet there. I’ll be sat on a black bandit near the far gate by the mini round about next to a green (although he reckons blue) and orange blade, next to a Red 675. Easy peasy.

Probably gonna head to Brighton :slight_smile: but am open to suggestions?

just a thought but i find routes to the coast are on the whole pretty boring , lots of straightish duel carriageways which must be hard to find enjoyable if you have a top speed of 60/70
then there is all that tiresome filtering.
what about a more meandering ride in the countryside ? such as off the a40 at denham , into the chilterns poss via beaconsfield/hazelmere, bledlow ridge. then over the m40 to watlington where you are guaranteed to see lots of low flying red kites [ yes ,birds] .
could then call into foxs diner [ biker cafe ] just outside dorchester and return via henley on thames .

some great places to stop for lunch either hilltop picknic areas,riverside pubs etc
Definately dont want to take over your ride ryan but if you want me to get a rough route made out only too happy.
Or me and you do a quick recci on sunday.
Also could meet at mcdonalds, target roundabout [ a40 / a312 ]
trixie is right the ace will be manic

sorry just seen your reply bout meeting people at the ace but Mc D is on route so could be a second meeting point

I would love to but i have my little one this monday untill late afternoon. Its a shame it not later on the day. But hopefully there’ll be a next time :slight_smile:

Like i said open to suggestions. That all sounds good to me Zeph! we’ll confirm the route monday morning over a brew and map.

Let’s meet at Dover, take a ferry, then only 1100 miles left to my home :smiley: Will have enough camping space for all. Who’s up for this ? :smiley:

Hey stacy!!! you should come!!!

The girls my get some good tips from you!!!:slight_smile:



Next to a red & silver Varadero with ’ []L[/color] 's

edit: I thought your bike looks []teal[/color] to me Migs.

Have you guy’s checked out the weather? looks pretty grim for Monday

Yeah but what can you do??? I say meet at the ace and take it from there! if the weather is shiit then we’ll have breakfast and a natter and reformulate a plan round bright spots… if not we’ll reschedual. no loss either way :slight_smile:

You should have gone to specsavers mate, its fecking green ;)Dont worry Ryan I’m not putting me name down, to many nutters going :smiley: