for those who need to relax

especially useful for those who can’t get to sleep easily

Most riders listening to this would surely just get *****d off??:w00t:

Count me in on the Jetstream comment.


don’t know about anyone else but it made me need a p*ss

Very calming… Apart from the massive cracks of thunder…!

We this weather that here anyway :smiley:

is there one with sunshine?? :smiley:

why bother!?

smoke a big one and its lights out:D

I think it’s pretty kewl with the music.

think we had enoth rain thunder snow dont you

did i cover my bike::stuck_out_tongue:

I got bored listening after 3sec’s and thought I’d take The Bike out in all that rain!:w00t: After a few mins searching for the keys I remembered that it dont got none!:blush: